ASPIRE Pick of the Week: Kering Group Bans Hiring Models Under 18

A lot of limelight has been shone on the exploitation of young boys and girls in the fashion industry. Frankly, it could simply be peer pressure, but the impact is often too intense for these adolescent few.

Kering Group Will Stop Hiring Models under 18. Image Courtesy: BBC 

In a revolutionary step taken by French luxury group Kering, models under 18 have been banned. For those fashion amateurs, Kering is the parent company of luxury brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen. This monumental step taken by the company applies to fashion shoots and photo sessions.

In a press release, the company’s chairman Francois Henri-Pinault said, “as a global luxury group, we are conscious of the influence exerted on younger generations in particular by the images produced by our Houses. We believe that we have a responsibility to put forward the best possible practices in the Luxury sector and we hope to create a movement that will encourage others to follow suit.”

Kering Group Will Stop Hiring Models under 18. 

Only two years ago, the fashion industry witnessed an impressive set of reforms laid down by Kering and LVMH for the minimum working age of a model set at 16; a move that received appreciation from fellow onlookers.

The under-18 rule will be set in stone by the time brands are ready to showcase their Autumn-Winter 2020 collections.

Source: Luxury Launches

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