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Luxury Brands Burn Their Own Goods?

Every winter the Tuscan workshops of Stefano Ricci, a high-end menswear label, box up the year’s unsold products—from cashmere suits and silk ties to finely woven cotton shirts—and send them off on trucks to be burned. Then Stefano Ricci’s accountants get to work claiming a tax credit for the ope…


Luxury Cars: A Challenge to the French

France is renowned as the world capital of luxury but they have not been able to develop luxury brands in the car industry, despite all the expertise in leveraging the touch points of luxury (exclusivity, highest quality, finest creativity, selected distribution, powerful communication, magnifice…

Jewelry for Val’s Day

Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Cartier’s love bracelets are always a safe choice for a Valentine’s Day present, but this year we bring you a selection of jewelry that truly speaks the language of love. Of course, like all finer things in life – these dazzling pieces don’t come cheap, but they are guaranteed to put a smile on t…