Most Celebrities Indulge in these Outrageous Beauty Treatments

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get beautiful skin, hair, and nails like a celebrity? Sometimes it’s not as easy as buying a high-end product. Celebrities oftentimes go through super-expensive and even slightly outrageous measures for beauty.

Golden Mask

Here are seven really expensive beauty treatments that celebrities subscribe to.

Real gold masks claim to give you golden, glowing skin:

Gold masks claim to give you “24-karat skin.” Using gold in your beauty products is non-toxic and it boasts powerful skin healing benefits. Shannon Dunn, Beauty editor and “Green Your Routine” life-stylist and coach said. “Gold is a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent and it can also help brighten the skin when used consistently.”

For gold masks you can buy online or in stores will run you $80 to $200, but for the real thing, it’s about $400.

Khloé Kardashian

Imagine a facial for down there:

A vagacial is a facial for your vagina and, according to Haven Spa, is designed to treat the skin around your vagina, help with ingrown hairs, prevent future ones from forming, and brighten up down there with an acid peel to help free trapped hairs and blocked pores. According to Refinery29, Khloé Kardashian swears by this beauty secret for your private area. A vagacial can run you around $80 and up.

A vampire facial uses your own blood:

A vampire facial is not your regular facial, especially because blood is one of the products used. The treatment is supposed to help remove fine lines and wrinkles by using the plasma from your own blood and Kim Kardashian West and model Bar Refaeli are fans. This treatment is a combination of a microdermabrasion and the application of PRP (platelet-rich plasma), according to Beverly Hills-based dermatologist Ava Shamban. The price of the facial varies depending on where you go but is typically around $1,000.

Snail slime is said to be useful on your face:

The EscarGlow facial, a treatment exclusively offered at plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman’s offices in New York combines snail slime and micro needling which the clinic claims will give you beautiful glowing skin. The snail slime and hyaluronic acid are said to help to not only promote glowing skin but clearer skin as well. Dr. Schulman recommends having three to six treatments to see the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, shrunken pores, and the healing of acne scars. It runs for $375 per treatment.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, stars like Katie Holmes and Drew Barrymore have tried using snail mucus in their beauty routines.

Serena Williams

An Evian bath is supposed to help purify your senses:

This luxurious bath experience — also known as the “world’s most expensive bath” — will run you about $6,000, and comes in conjunction with other spa treatments. Over 1,000 liters of Evian Natural Spring Water is poured into a 350-gallon infinity-edge tub, and will help to revitalize the skin and purify the senses. “I could feel the difference from the moment I stepped in…the water felt so pure,” Serena Williams said when she tried the bath for the first time.

Penis facials are a thing:

The “penis facial” is the latest beauty trend that celebrities swear by. From Cate Blanchett to Sandra Bullock, celebrities are crediting the treatment for their youthful complexions. On the company website, penis facials go by a more mundane name: the Hollywood EGF facial. It’s given by celebrity beautician Georgia Louise at her spa in Los Angeles.

“EGF is derived from the progenitor cells of the human fibroblast taken from Korean newborn baby foreskin — which helps to generate collagen and elastin,” Louise writes on her website. “FDA approved stem cells and peptides are penetrated deep into the skin using a special electric micro-needling wand.”

When questioned about the facial by Ellen DeGeneres, Bullock said, “When you see how good it is to your face, you too will run to your local facialist and say ‘give me the penis.'”

The treatment costs $650.

Gwyneth Paltrow

The thread lift is the new face lift:

People who want to get the facelift look without having an invasive procedure are starting to get what’s known as a thread lift.

According to Allure, Gwyneth Paltrow loves to get this treatment done. The treatment uses threads that are passed under the skin via a large needle. The skin is then taken from under the surface and pulled to lift the skin up to look more youthful. This facelift alternative can range anywhere from $1,500 to $4,500.

Source: Insider

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