The World’s Best Destinations for a Digital Break

Having mini computers in our pockets is one of the amazing things about the age in which we live. You literally have information about anything when you want it and it’s never been easier to connect with friends and family. You can plan your travel adventures from wherever you are! But in this fa…


US Hotels Every Beauty Enthusiast Must Visit

In a country where vacation destinations understand the importance of looking and feeling beautiful, from New York to Hawaii, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a top-rated hotel that hasn’t integrated spa treatments into its list of amenities. The coolest part is that a slew of these places offer tr…


Lufthansa’s Lofty Heights

Boeing’s upcoming 777X wide-body, twin-engine aircraft which is planned to enter service in 2020 has been designed with the intention to redefine long-haul travel. Lufthansa, the first customer of the aircraft, has already revealed a new Business Class cabin concept for the new wide-body jetliner…