Daimler’s CEO Challenge: A Future Without Gas

Ola Kallenius grew up at Daimler AG doing what most people associate with German car manufacturers: developing driving machines with powerful engines and aggressive styling that zoom down the autobahn. In his new job as Chief Executive Officer of the company, he’ll need to embrace a different cha…


Are Virtual Influencers the Ideal Brand Ambassadors?

While it might seem more like an episode straight out of critically acclaimed sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror, virtual influencers are no longer limited to the confines of a scriptwriter’s imagination – but an integral part of today’s reality. Immaculately 3D-designed virtual personalities l…

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Transforms the Business Landscape

Back in the 1950s, Artificial intelligence was described as any task performed by a program or a machine that, if a human carried out the same activity, we would say the human had to apply intelligence to accomplish the task. Artificial Intelligence systems today will typically demonstrate at lea…