Key Notes on the Design of the 2019 Audi A7

The new 2019 Audi A7 marks a new chapter for the folks at Ingolstadt. Not only have they released a new model packed with technology, but they have done all of this out of their brand-new design center. Here, we look at the 7 most interesting things that we learned about the new design center and…


Luxury Cars: A Challenge to the French

France is renowned as the world capital of luxury but they have not been able to develop luxury brands in the car industry, despite all the expertise in leveraging the touch points of luxury (exclusivity, highest quality, finest creativity, selected distribution, powerful communication, magnifice…

Lamborghini Sofa

The Lamborghini Sofa Is A Must Have For Lambo Fans

Lamborghini needs no introduction. Luring auto buffs with pieces of supercar themed furniture, the Polish makers of Bugatti Veyron desk have launched the Lamborghini sofa. Park the lambo couch in your living room, den, study or even the office to flaunt your passion for the Italian luxury sports …