Tesla Model Y

Elon Musk Announces Tesla’s Model Y Unveil Date

Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted on Twitter on Sunday, March 3 2019, the date of an “unveil event,” writing: “Model Y unveil event on March 14 at LA Design Studio.” The event will reveal “detailed specs and pricing” as well as offer people the first test rides in the new vehicle. Musk also explained th…


Business of Luxury: Why Apple and Tesla should Merge

It took 40 years for Kodak to die. They had invented the digital camera in 1975 but pulled it when it had the potential to cut into film sales. 14 years after that decision, Kodak looked healthy with assets amounting to $7.7 billion in 1989 and over 100,000 employees. It didn’t look like a compan…

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Tramontana Is Combining Craftsmanship with Excellence

The wings of an airplane and the spoiler of a car work in accordance with the same principle, although both perform the exact opposite objectives. The wings of an airplane allow it take flight, while the spoiler on a car keeps it grounded. Tramontana has borrowed from both worlds to successfully …