Karlmann King

It Looks Like a Stealth Fighter but It’s the World’s Most Expensive SUV

It appears that the world of automobiles is suffering from an SUV frenzy. Even iconic brands like Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin have been forced to jump on the bandwagon. So, do you think Batman will also fall prey to it and replace Batmobile with an SUV version of it. Well, …

Mercedes Benz A-Class Sedan

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Wins 2019 South African Car of The Year

The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is the 2019 AutoTrader South African Car of the Year and won by a healthy margin! The sought-after award was presented at a spectacular function at Shepstone Gardens in Johannesburg on 4 April. The win was an extremely momentous occasion for Mercedes-Benz, which last won…